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Moving used to be so hard.  You had to find a new place, give notice in your old place, hope the new place was ready when you moved out of your old place, get a mover for all your furniture, and juggle utility accounts.  Then there were the deposits to put down, and, hopefully, the deposits to get back.  


There were always surprises.  And unexpected charges.  And nights or weeks on a friend's couch during that "in-between places" void.  And there were the seemingly endless days of fast food, bad food, or no food.   Did we forget the laundry that piled up? 


And with each move, you began at square one.  Owing rent for next month.  Never building any equity for the future.  It was a bummer.  We saw a fix for that.  When you own a suite in a Housz, and you want to move to another area where there is a suite in a Housz available, you just put in your request.  The equity in the loan you have on your current suite goes with you.   There's a transaction fee but In most cases, it's cheaper than rent deposits.  

Living within the branded suites system that OurHousz offers is easy.  Our proprietary financing gives you the flexibility to take your equity with you to another place, and then another after that, each move being an easy transaction within the OurHousz system.  


And if you choose the Housz Suite with the built-in furniture, well, moving is a breeze.  You just take your cushions with you.  You put those cushions and the rest of your things in your suite's detachable insulated locker in the garage port, a truck comes and picks it all up, and when you get to your new suite your locker is in the garage port.  Utilities are always on.  Your loan stays the same or is adjusted for the area.  But you know that way up front.  


  • You know where you are going

  • You know your Housz already

  • It's ready to move into

  • Everything is already "on"

  • The move is easy

  • Own Anywhere


Now that's easy.  

Thanks! Message sent. You are on your way!

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