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OurHousz Equity Follows You

We like to experience new things.  A lot of people do.  Sure, there are some folks who want to settle into one place, work at the same job, go to the same coffee shop every morning, and grow a garden.  We get that.  We like gardens.  But the rest of it?  Renting and owning real estate is designed for them.  When you think about it, the act of acquiring and holding real estate is designed to be permanent.  That’s why so many people feel “stuck” to where they live.  That’s why moving is so hard.  And that’s why selling and buying is so expensive and time-consuming.  Flow is not really meant to be.  And that is why it is a pain to move.  We know that some of you want to move.  You want to live and take on new challenges when those present themselves.  And you do, and you go through the pain to relocate.  So we made it easy for you.  Because we understand you. 


We have been you. 


We designed a new way to own, leaving out the renting, because no one should have to do that, anyway. 


Not since we came along. 


We made it easy to flow with the opportunities of life and we made it so you can take your equity with you.  And best of all, we made it affordable.  We created a comfortable, roomy living condition and we have served it up for your enjoyment in a way that you can afford it, easily.  In a way we would want to live in it.  In a way we do live in it.  You are not stuck anymore.  Move, Grow.  OurHousz.  

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