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Why Owning a Housz is a Good Alternative for You.


  1. You need privacy.  A Housz has it.

  2. You need community.  (A little bit, not too overwhelming.)  A Housz has it.

  3. You need space.  Indoors and out.  A Housz has that.

  4. You need a peaceful setting for personal growth.  A Housz has that. 

  5. Owning gives you equity.  People like to have multiple savings plans.  Renting is not a savings plan.  Owning a Housz is.  

  6. Owning gives you affordable bragging rights.  People like to be known for stability.  Owning property means someone trusts you enough to lend you money.  That does a lot for the confidence.  And it makes you more attractive to potential friends, employers, and mates.  

  7. Living in a Housz is stress free.  Just pay the mortgage and everything else is taken care of.  Even the cleaning.  

  8. We don’t treat you like the banks do.  This is financing like homeowners have never seen before.  

  9. Owning a Housz feels fluid.  Getting out is easy, moving is easy, transferring is easy.  Buying is easy.  It doesn’t come with the traditional commitment that traditional housing comes with.  

  10. Living in a Housz feels safe.  Rezidents are in a small community, and the Housz’z are designed to be private and secure.  

  11. Living in a Housz is comfortable.  We design it with flow in mind, so rezidents can store things, get sunshine, mingle, and have privacy.  

  12. Housz’z have nice kitchens.  Co-living situations with ownership rights, equity, and nice kitchens, too, are very rare.  

  13. Housz’z have private bathrooms.  Co-living situations with ownership rights, equity, and private bathrooms are very rare.  

  14. Each Housz suite has a private patio.  Co-living situations with ownership rights, equity, and private patios are very rare.  

  15. Each Housz suite has a removable private storage unit.  Co-living situations with ownership rights, equity, and removable private storage units are very non-existent.  And very few apartments offer any storage amenity, let alone one you can move with you.  

  16. Most OurHousz properties are in decades and hundred-year-old neighborhoods. As a rezident, you own an equity position in an established neighborhood.   

  17. OurHousz properties have secure and covered parking. Co-living situations with ownership rights, equity, and covered parking are very rare.  

  18. OurHousz properties have room outdoors for a garden.  Co-living situations with ownership rights, equity, and gardens are very rare.  

  19. Housz’z have a charger for your electric car.  Very few apartments have that, and you don’t get equity at an apartment, either.  

  20. You can borrow your equity out your Housz to pay off student loans or start a business.  You can’t do that with a rented apartment.

  21. You can rent your Housz out on Air B&B, so long as the city lets you, and earn money when you are away.  We’ll even manage it for you!

  22. If your Housz is paid off and you sell it and carry the financing we’ll manage it for you!  Try doing that with an apartment.  

  23. Housz’z have laundry rooms with room to hang clothes and we put exercise equipment close so you can get lean while your clothes get clean.   

  24. OurHousz suites are app controlled and have digital locks you can operate from anywhere.  Gosh, you can control your entire suite from anywhere.  And that is standard.   Try getting that in an apartment, and while you are at it, ask for equity, too. 

  25. Housz’z have built-in furniture so people can’t mess up the vibe of the living room with a recliner they found on the curb.  But if you and the other rezidents agree on a Tiki God for the entrance, well, that’s okay.  

  26. Housz suites are maintained to perfection.  We give you an app to report any repairs on and we come out lickety-split.  

  27. We make room for a private place inside and out to meditate at each Housz.  Meditation is good for you.  

  28. We focus on light, so Housz’z have lots of windows and light.  We don’t offer boxes.  

  29. We like art, so Housz’z have original art from artists.  Some of them work for us.  Some of them are rezidents.  But each is different.  

  30. We include the dishes and coffee cups.  That makes moving in really easy.  

  31. We want to see our rezidents prosper.  When they prosper society prospers.  And that makes everything really nice.  






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