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OurHousz Rules for Better Living

  • No tolerance for racism, gender discrimination, or sexual abuse.  Rezidents who participate in this behavior will be bought out and packed up and moved off the property.  

  • Approved OurHousz provided outdoor furnishings only in common areas.  But beach towels are all right, as long as they have surfboard scenes on them.  Or at least waves or flowers or something.  

  • Approved OurHousz provided exercise equipment in the common exercise areas only.  But you can grunt all you want. 

  • No washing or maintenance of vehicles in carport, driveway, or on street. 

  •  No overnight guests may stay in the common areas, indoor or outdoor.  That's so the other rezidents don't trip over your guests in the middle of the night, and so the common areas don't end up looking like one of those sixties hippie crash-ins you find in black and white pictures in an old Life Magazine.   

  •  Guests limited to 3 days every 30 days in rezident owner unit. Longer stays require the "okay, go ahead," from co-living rezidents.  But OurHousz policy allows for no more than seven days in any 30-day term under a written approval arrangement.  

  •  Guests must be accompanied by rezident owner in the common areas.

  • OurHousz common areas are designed for comfort with built-in furnishings.   No other furnishings are permitted in the common area.  But you can bring pillows for the purpose of pillow fights now and then.  

  • No open fires other than contained flames in built-in approved outdoor cooking appliances provided by OurHousz, Inc.  It's just a little safer that way.  

  • No open fires in fire-pits other than those in built-in approved outdoor pits provided by OurHousz, Inc.  And no fire walking in the pits, its bad for your feet.  Trust us on that one. 

  • No open fires in suites, common areas, indoor or outdoor, backyards, front yards, driveways or garage, and carport structures.  So you can't have a mini burning man in the driveway, okay?  



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